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[DCE-2] FGC-N231 System

Started by Planet of Hats, August 23, 2022, 12:42:08 AM

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Planet of Hats

Stardate: 99640.7
CAPT Jadrys Itana
Level 1 - Open


MISSION: Continuing Deep Centaurus Expedition initiative.

OUTCOME: The Copernicus encounters an entity confined within a microsingularity.

CAPT Jadrys Itana
COUN Elyxia Sudet
NARRATIVE: This serves to update Command on our survey of the FGC-N231 system.

System FGC-N231 is a Herbig star of spectral type A - a small young star with a substantial dust disc. While initially unremarkable, our survey revealed an astonishingly regular gulf in the debris ring, as if created by some unseen object encircling the star and clearing out dust as it passed. Further scans revealed a strong gravitational source. I ordered course set for the system to investigate the phenomenon.

Scans of the system revealed an incredibly small microsingularity, no more than a millimetre in diameter. By our understanding of this type of singularity, it should not be able to subsist in our reality for more than a very short time. However, readings indicated a perfectly stable phenomenon, with no signs of neutrino decay whatsoever. As we approached, Counselor Sudet expressed a feeling that we had been noticed by something that we could not place. We approached with caution, at which point the Counselor experienced a sudden emotional feedback reaction, which she described as a single endless scream of extreme intensity, centred on the microsingularity.

At this point, an entity appeared on the bridge of the Copernicus and advised us not to disturb "that one." The entity identified herself as Q. We can confirm that this is not the same Q encountered in the past by USS Enterprise or USS Voyager; this individual Q manifested as a woman of perhaps 20 with long black hair and a black cocktail dress, with a propensity for waving a cigarette holder around to punctuate her points.

This individual Q was predictably coy with details, but eventually revealed that the microsingularity was maintained by the Q Continuum as a permanent prison for an entity of extradimensional origin. Evidently the entity in question was one of several entities that entered the universe alongside several other non-corporeal lifeforms at some vague past point. The entity - whose name was described as "beyond your ability to vocalize" but was transcribed to us as "#^#", was compressed to the size of a micron and placed in the singularity as a containment vessel. Asked why such a corporeal method was chosen, Q's response was to roll her eyes and suggest we were "ahead of schedule" in this part of space, before resolving to move "that one" to "somewhere else." A predictable Q fingersnap ensued, at which point the microsingularity disappeared from our readings and Counselor Sudet reported no longer feeling the scream's presence. When we asked where the singularity had moved, Q simply answered that "you couldn't comprehend that even if I showed you."

Notwithstanding this individual Q's haughty demeanour, she then stated that Copernicus was bound for "areas of the galaxy that will test your limited imaginations" and expressed that observing us should be "great fun." At this point she left the bridge, leaving us with no microsingularity to analyze.

Subsequent review of records turned up reports filed by USS Enterprise-E approximately 48 years ago, concerning engagements with Q involving some form of historic conflict with various non-corporeal entities. While the details of that incident are incredibly vague, we suspect that the entity this Q was stewarding was in some way related to the entity the Enterprise crew identified as "0." We consider it somewhat unlikely that we will run into this creature again, but do consider it likely that the female Q will turn up to harass us again. I am reviewing records left by Captains Picard, Sisko and Janeway on how they managed relations with the Continuum and am increasingly convinced that the Sisko "punch him in the face" method may be valid here.

(Don't bet on it, sweetie. ~Q)

SUPPLEMENTAL, CAPT Jadrys: You see my point, Command.

RECOMMENDATION: Send a replicator pattern for headache medicine.


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