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June 21, 2024, 02:45:28 PM

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Personal Log - CMDR Dawson

Started by USS-Scandinavia, February 18, 2024, 12:26:53 AM

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--Personal Log Active--

"First-Officer's log Commander Dawson, Stardate ten-eleven-thirty-one, point eight-nine. The Scandinavia made a rendevouz with the USS Kennedy to conduct a scientific exploration in the far reaches of the Gamma Quadrant. Since our shore-leave on Risa, the crew of the Scandinavia is ready and able. The Captain informed us in the debriefing room about our next destination and our mission is to explore the far reaches of the Gamma Quadrant. With the assistance of the USS Kennedy we should be able to increase our scans and allow the computers to gather data and share the findings of anything of worth exploring. Before we proceed, the Captain wanted to restock our supplies from Deep Space Nine and pick up new officers that has been reassigned to the Scandinavia to fill up the roster, these new officers has pretty big shoes to fill, our encounter with the Borg from our last mission gave us quite a beating and we lost so many friends and colleagues. Hopefully this new mission won't be putting us in conflict with whatever that lies in the Gamma Quadrant. Perhaps this new change of scenery, as the Captain said, will grant us some reprieve. I should get down to Medical and perform the psych-eval as the Captain requested, not that I need it, but if the Captain wants me to do it then who am I to argue? Computer, end of log."

--Personal Log Saved--

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